I’m Autumn Ball

Productivity & Movement Empowerment Coach

Helping You Find Balance & Structure While Navigating Your Healthy Lifestyle

Movement Empowerment Coaching

I have been balancing fitness goals with the day to day obstacles that life loves to throw at us since 2009. 

Are you looking to add exercise and movement into your life but are just not sure where to start? Are you unsure about what types of exercise to focus on? I can help!

Accountability Coaching

I understand the need for accountability.  I often find I need a more strict and personal level of accountability.

Do you have a nutrition plan or a movement plan in place but are struggling to hit your daily goals?  Are you a person who needs consistent follow-up to stay focused on your goals?  I can help!

Meal Planning Services

I am been meal planning for our family for over a decade.  Our family focuses on healthy, balanced, and QUICK meals that can be prepped ahead of time, if needed for those extra busy weeks.

Are you tired of the same dinners all the time? Are you unsure how to meal plan and organize shopping lists?  Are you on a certain meal regimen and looking for recipe inspiration? Are you too busy to sift through recipes online? I can help!

Time Management Coaching

As a former personal asstistant, I have mastered organizing a person’s day to ensure maximum productivity.  

Do you get easily overwhelmed with ALL the items on your mental to do list & end up getting nothing done?  Are you looking for easy to implement organization strategies to be more productive each day?  I can help!

What Is A Productivity and Movement Empowerment Coach?

I help create a structure for you to make exercise and movement and a healthy lifestyle a priority in your busy life by giving tips and suggestions on time management. I can assist in the time consuming task of finding new recipes. I help create meal plans. I give you the tools to master your time management no matter where life takes you!

Who Is Coaching For?

Anyone who is struggling to make movement a priority in their life.

Anyone who needs help in organizing or creating their weekly meal plans.

Anyone who is transitioning from a traditional office job to a Work from Home job or to a Stay at Home parent.

Anyone who needs help setting up systems to “get it all done”.


“Autumn understands what it is like to be a working mom and a stay at home mom. Her coaching was informative and realistic, which made it easy to apply to my situation. I felt like I wasn’t alone in my journey because she was able to answer my questions, no matter how silly they seemed.”

“Autumn was just what I needed to get motivated and start my health journey. Her vast knowledge, her positive attitude, mixed with her down to earth personal life experiences creates an open learning environment. She taught me how to overcome personal struggles as well as embrace and reward every achievement.”

“Autumn was easy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable. She made what initially seemed intimidating, fun and easy to follow.”

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Determine Your Challenges. Find Solutions. Reward Yourself.

As a busy mom, wife, coach, small business owner and community leader, I truly understand all of the “things” we need to get accomplished in a day. Finding balance is a challenge but it is crucial for our own well-being. I truly believe it can be empowering to ask for help in order to create that balance we need. That is where I come in. I can assist in creating systems to help you manage your time and schedules or do the time consuming work of finding new recipes to assist in your weekly meal planning. I can help you determine where and how to fit exercise into your schedule or help you discover what types of movement to add. Transitioning from a traditional office job to a Stay at Home Parent or to a Work from Home position poses it’s own unique challenges that many struggle with. I can help set up systems, specific to your needs to keep you on task.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Take Control And Start Forging Your Own Path Today!