Autumn Ball

Productivity and Movement Empowerment Coach

Giving you the tools to make the most out of your time.

Hi, I’m Autumn!  I am a wife, a mom, a work from home business owner, and a community leader.  I understand how busy life can get.  It can be a daily challenge to “get it all done”!

My Story

I truly started my health journey in 2009.  I weighed a shocking 300lbs.  In July 2009, I made the decision to have weight-loss surgery.  I had a procedure called “vertical-sleeve gastrectomy” where 75% of my stomach was removed completely.  In November 2009, I started learning how to run (You can read more about my running journey here).

In January 2010, I had shed 90lbs and became pregnant with our first son.  After his birth, running became my main source of movement.

In May 2013, we had our second son.  After his birth, I struggled to make running (or any movement) and my health a priority.  We were a busy family!  I was breastfeeding, working a traditional office job, and trying to balance life with a new born and feisty toddler.  It took me a while to admit that I was struggling but when I did, I realized it was ok to ask for help.  I learned about meal planning and meal prep.  I found a running coach and joined their 5k training program.  Two sessions later, I became a coach in that same program!

In 2014, I co-founded the Tucson chapter of No Excuse Mom, helping moms navigate their own health journey.  Being a resource and motivational to other moms, I was able to fine tune my organization and planning methods to be more flexible for everyone.

In 2016, our youngest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Suddenly we added navigating the world of special needs and advocating for our child who could not communicate, to our already very busy lives. 

In 2018, I was let go from my traditional job.  We used this opportunity for me to become a SAHM so that I could focus on the extra care needs of our family.

In 2019, we were given the incredible opportunity to take over Southwest Endurance Training from our mentors and coaches, transitioning me to a work from home business owner.

Coaching folks and helping them discover that they have the power to do hard things is so rewarding.  Watching people overcome struggles and discover their own successes; finding tools to navigate their health journey,  no matter where life takes them, is the best part of my job!

My Values & Beliefs

I believe in a judgement-free space.

Everyone’s life and experiences are different.

I believe everyone has the power to make health a priority.

Sometimes we need guidance to find the power and knowledge to make decisions that impact our health.

I believe being honest and genuine is crucial.

Beating around the bush or not giving genuine and honest solutions, is a waste of people’s time.  It is possible to be honest and kind at the same time.

My Approach

I want to help you find balance but I know that balance looks different for each person based on their life and where they are in their own journey.  I will work with you to find solutions to the areas you are struggling with.  My goal is to give you the tools to manage your schedule, to help you make movement and healthy eating a priority.

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